Acerpure Aqua WP742-40W


Acerpure Aqua
Hot and Cold RO Water Purifier

WP742-40W White

  • Instant Hot and Cold Water
  • 3-Step Filtration System
  • TDS Water Quality Monitor
  • Smart Wash
  • 8.7L Water Tank
3-in-1 Water Purifier
Dispense hot, cold and purified water with just one machine.
Instant Hot & Cold Water
Enjoy 95℃ hot and 10℃ cold water instantly with volume control for your beverages and cooking.
Pure Refreshing Water
Protect your family with a sophisticated 3-step filtration system that ensures purified water without unwanted substances.
Certified by SGS Water Quality Test and proven to remove 99.9% coliform bacteria and 99% heavy metals such as mercury, arsenic cadmium and lead.*
Best Quality Water at All Times
Always maintain the best water quality for your loved ones with a real-time TDS Water Quality Monitor. Drink hydrogen water that enhances nutrient absorption for better health.
Smart Wash Self-cleaning Technology
No more worrying about pipeline washing, just sit back, relax and the Smart Wash Function automatically cleans internal pipelines and filters.
Large Capacity Water Tank & Energy Saving
Never run out of purified water with 8.7L water tank and the 2-sided water tank design. Water waste would be decreased by 3 times, making it better for our environment.
Versatile, Modern & Compact
Fits anywhere in your home with a compact countertop design made for today's lifestyle.
Easy-to-change Filters
Clearly monitor the filter status via indicators and when alert lights up, user can change the filter easily.
User-friendly Touch Panel Design
Intuitively access commonly used functions on the right and advanced functions on the left.

Product Series​ Acerpure Aqua Hot & Cold RO Water Purifier​
Model Name​ WP742-40W​
Color​ White​
Product Size​ W:240mm D:475mm H:430mm ​
First Cartridge Filter ​ PCF Filter
Second Cartridge Filter ​ RO Filter
Third Cartridge Filter ​ GAC Filter
Forth Filtration ​ UVC LED Sterilization​
Cold Water​ 500ml/hour, 10℃​
Instant Hot Water​ 16L/hour (≥ 90℃), 110V voltage​
Instant Hot Water​ 18L/hour (≧90℃), 220v voltage​
Volume Control​ 150ml / 300ml /Manual: Min~500ml​
Working Pressure 0.4~0.6MPa
Waterflow Rate 30L/hour
Water Tank 6L Raw Water/2.7L Concentrated Water
Built-in purified water tank 3L
Rated Voltage 220V~ 50Hz
Rated Power​ 110V/1500W, 220V/2200W​
Net Weight 10.989 kg
TDS Water Quality Monitor V
Test in TW water standard V
Maintenance​ Smart Wash Self-Cleaning Technology​
Other Functions​ Hydrogen Water / Child Safety Lock / Filter Life Indicator​

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