Warranty & Service Center

Warranty & Service Center

Singapore Warranty Instruction

1. Description of Warranty Period:
(1) This warranty is only applicable to the after-sales service of products sold by our company. The
products that are not authorized by our company are not covered by the warranty card service.
(2) Home appliance products are provided with a one-year free warranty service with this warranty from the date of purchase. The replacement period for defective new products provided by the company is within 7 days from the date of purchase (Subject to the date of sale on the invoice or warranty).
(3) After the product has exceeded the one-year free warranty period provided by the company, if there is a
need for after-sales service, the company will charge related expenses at its discretion, including logistics, outing, wages and replacement parts.

2. If you have any questions about after-sales service, please contact toll free no 1800-895-6299 or email to acercare.sg@acer.com . If small appliances need to be repaired, please send them to Acer service center.

3. Under the following conditions, this product will not be able to provide free services:
(1) The product has exceeded the warranty period provided by the company.
(2) Damage caused by sulfur and coastal environment.
(3) Damage caused by inconsistent voltage specifications.
(4) For improper use, modification or disassembly without following the operating instructions or machine
specifications, our company does not warranty and assumes no legal responsibility.
(5) Damage or malfunction caused by natural disasters, electric shocks, insect (rat) damage, pets, etc.
(6) Damage due to exposure to sunlight, high temperature environment or various humid environments.
(7) Failure caused by the use of non-original parts, consumables, other products, equipment and accessories.
(8) Damage caused by falling due to the height difference of the ground environment, and scratches or
damage to the appearance caused by collision during operation.
(9) The product is damaged by inputting/inhaling hard or sharp objects, such as glass, nails, screws, coins, etc.
(10) Appearance, accessories and consumable materials such as filters, etc.
(11) Products not sold by our company.
(12)Those who cannot show the invoice or proof of purchase.

4. This warranty is only limited to the machine itself. If there are additional services such as delivery or installation of accessories, etc., it will be rejected or additional material service fees will be charged as the case may be.

5. If the parts are still usable, and customer requests a new one, the parts fee will be
charged according to the price list of our company.

6. The company can use new or factory reprocessed parts for product maintenance.

7. The above listed items and important items in the product manual, if there is any change or supplementary description, will be subject to the latest announcement of the company website (www.acerpure.com).