Acerpure Pro AP972-50B


Acerpure Pro UVC Air Purifier​

AP972-50B Black & Cooper ​

  • Room Coverage (up to) 115m²​
  • Real-Time CO2 Monitoring​
  • UVC Air Purification Technology​
  • HEPA13 Four-layer Protection​
  • Smart App : Acerpure Life​
Air Purifier for Large Rooms ​
Featuring a high CADR of 700 m³/h, it quickly and efficiently cleans large rooms and spaces of up to 115 square meters in size.​
UVC Air Purification Technology​
Effectively reduces odors, bacteria, and viruses through ultraviolet (UV-C)  light exposure, providing cleaner, fresher air to your living spaces
Four-Layer Protection with 4-in-1 HEPA Filter​
Take control of your air quality with the 4-in-1 HEPA filter that captures up to 99.99% of corona virus,
airborne bacteria, and 99.97% of ultrafine dust, allergens, and PM1.0 particles.​
Real-Time CO2 Monitoring and Notifications​
Equipped with a smart CO2 detection system that features a laser induced aerosol formation and volatile organic compound (VOC) sensor, a real-time LCD display, and automatic smart mode. This helps you monitor air pollution in the area and provides a safer, cleaner environment.​
Acerpure Life Smart App​
The Acerpure Life app helps detect indoor air quality and sends automatic notifications of outdoor air pollution alerts straight to your phone. It allows you to remotely control, monitor, and start purifying the air even when you are not around.​
Whisper Quiet​
This air purifier produces only 25dB of noise at minimum fan speeds, far lower than even a library – making it a perfect choice for when you need to take a break or concentrate.​
Stylish High-Tech Home Furnishing​
A touch of metallic orange accentuates the sleek form and dark-themed exterior on its 4-directional ventilation fins, giving it a premium look and feel in addition to all-around dust-proof protection. ​
Low Energy, High Performance ​

Product Acerpure Pro UVC air purifier
Model name AP972-50B
Color Black + Copper
Product Size W:337mm D:339mm H:780mm
CADR 700 cmh
Room Coverage 56 m2 ~ 116 m2
Noise Level 24dB(min) / 57dB(max)
Rated Power 65W
Control Panel Powe Button/Purifier Speed /Timer/WIFI/UVC Function/Safety Lock
Purifier speed Smart / 1 / 2 / 3 / Max / Min
Control Panel Timer 1/2/4/8/12 hrs(Button); 1-24 hrs(App)
Filter Replacement V(Lights up)
Filter Install Incorrect V(Flashes)
Safety Lock V
GAS (VOCs) Sensor V (Red)
PM2.5 Sensor V(Numbers)
CO2 Sensor White / Yellow / Red
Filter system 4 in 1 HEPA+ Filter Pre-Filter + HEPA Plus Filter+ HEPA 13 Main Filter + Activated Carbon Filter
Ion Function ION(Turn on when yellow & red light)
WIFI Remote Control V (Acerpure Life app)
Magnet Remote Control V
Motor DC motor
Filter Lifepan Approx. 9000 hours
Rated voltage 110V-220V
Accessory Magnet Remote Control、Battery(CR2025)、Electric Wire